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Brief History of Charles

 In the beginning God created….Charles J. Arnett

January 24, 1935-Charles Jackson Arnett was born to Opal and Dale Arnett.  He joined his sister Phyllis who was three years old, at    their home in Phillipsburg, Ohio. Phyllis enjoyed rocking him in the beautiful handmade cradle.   He had an older sister, Darlene, who was in heaven at this time after living for only 3 days.

As a Toddler - He was playing in the street with other kids.  A man said “you kids get out of the street.”  He put his hands on his hips and shouted, “You ain’t my dad.”  He thought he was only to obey his parents.

1940 – Started 1st grade. He had been taught that the Bible said, “Honor they father and mother, no one told him he was to obey school teachers or any other adult.  His mother had to convince him that he was to obey the teachers too.  He decided that wasn’t a good idea so he put a dead rat in his teacher’s desk.

1944-1947 – When he was between 9 and 12 years old, he picked up odd job, cleaning houses, selling seeds etc...

Somewhere around 1950 – He said he was going to get his driver’s license.  His dad said good I’ll go get mine too.   Charles was driving down Salem Avenue and fell out of his car.  One witness was sure that the car ran completely over him.    

 1952 - Graduated Phillipsburg High School -after attending Phillipsburg and also a one room school on Hog Path Pike. 

 1952- He wanted to travel the country and make a living as he went, and be a HOBO.  His mother almost had a heart attack, so he decided to join the U.S. Navy instead when he was 17.

1953– He Called on the Lord and ask the Lord Jesus to save him at the Congregational Christian Church in Phillipsburg while home on leave from the Navy.

January 19, 1955 – He met a girl named Carole Brown in the old Village of Clayton.  A mutual friend sent him to her house when he was on leave from the Navy.  He knocked on her door and asked her dad if she was home. It was Love at first sight.  They spent the weekend running around town, going to church, visiting his family etc.  Then he went back to his Navy base in Virginia. Carole’s comments were: “I thought that he was rather interesting and different from anyone that I had ever met, but little did I know that he would be the love of my life.”  They spent many hours and postage stamps writing to each other over the next few months.

July 23, 1955 – Six months later he Wed the lovely Carole at the Phillipsburg Church.  They then moved to East Greenwich, Rhode Island where he still had six months left in the Navy. Of course the car broke down in PA and they spent the night on the side of the road.  They found a $2 bill which he had given to Carole; they were able to buy groceries with it as they had spent all of their money on car repairs. Finally In R.I. they became acquainted with Baptists. All they could remember about the Church in Rhode Island was that they got a weather report.

August 1955- Charles stowed away his wife and a buddy stowed away his wife and baby on the Navy ship.  The ladies and small baby spent the night in the storage where they kept the light bulbs.  It was difficult keeping the baby quiet.  The wives left the ship the next day along with other visitors after visiting hours.  

November 1955 – His mother became quite ill, was in the hospital and he was granted leave from the Navy.  Charles and Carole started the trip home.  An exciting time was traveling thru Pennsylvania before there was a PA Turnpike.  As he turned to go around a mountain the lights on the car would go out.  There was no railing, only a drop off on the side and then down the mountainside.  With no lights to guide him, he followed a truck and when it turned- he turned and of course Carole would scream, but then quieted down and only jumped when the lights went out and he drove around the mountain.   

They finally arrived home.  His mom had surgery and was recuperating.  He left Carole with his mom and hitch hiked back to the Navy in Rhode Island to his ship.

December 1955 - Discharged from US Navy and hitch hiked home.

January 1956 – Enrolled in Engineering at Indiana Technical College in Fort Wayne Indiana. While there he and a friend began a business college which continued until Charles left Fort Wayne for the birth of Sheri.  

November 7, 1956 -Birth of their first daughter Sheryl Lynn.

1956 – Registered at the University of Dayton in Engineering.

1957 – Employed by NCR, rented a house on Tallmadge Rd in the village of Clayton.

November 26, 1957- Birth of their son David Paul.

1958 – Began working at Instrulab Engineering Company in Dayton and presently works part time there.

November 1, 1958 – Bought 1st and present house on Worman Drive in Union.

September 3, 1959- Birth of their second son Jack Edward

(Jack lived 42 years then went home to be with his Lord and savior in2002).

November 6, 1960 - Attended 1st meeting of Union Baptist church in the village hall in Union.

1960 – Became charter member of Union Baptist Church, taught Sunday School and Youth Meetings.

1961- Became a deacon and was a deacon until 1971 when he became the pastor of Union Baptist.

April 24, 1961 – Birth of their second baby daughter- Brenda Kay.

August 11, 1963 – Baptized at a Baptist Church in Dayton. He was the1st person to be baptized into Union Baptist Church. Union church did not have a baptismal tank.

August 9, 1964 – Awarded the degree of Bachelor of electrical Engineering from University of Dayton.

May 11, 1967 – Was licensed as a Professional Engineer for the state of Ohio.  He consulted in electronic hardware and software design.

1967 – Son Jack came home from school and told of the principal spanking him for doing nothing wrong.  Charles went out the door to the school to find the principal.  Jack said, “Mom where did dad go?  Carole said he went to the school to get that principal.  Jack said, Oh no I was just kidding.”  The principal had conveniently gone home.

February 3, 1971 – Completed Scofield Bible correspondence course from Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, Illinois.

June 9, 1971 –Union Baptist Church called one of their own members, Charles, as pastor.

June 1976 - He attended many Bible Conferences over the years.  One they will not forget. They headed for the conference in Seattle, Washington on the motorcycle.  They carried their tent, dress clothes, food, camp stove and even a coffee pot. The next day he ran into a hail storm in Cheyenne Wyoming.  All cars pulled to the roadside, but Charles kept riding his motorcycle in a 60 mile an hour wind.   They camped in Snake River in Utah. Then they arrived in Seattle, WA.  After attending the conference one of the church members became seriously ill, so he had to get there quickly, he was the pastor.  However as he was traveling thru North Dakota, fire started flaming from the rear of the cycle.  Time came to abandon the cycle and board a plane for home.   He arranged for the cycle to be transported to Chicago and repaired.  Son David hitched to Chicago picked it up and rode home.

1976 - Son David entered the Army. So off went Charles and Carole on the motorcycle to Ft Sill, Oklahoma to visit David.  His dad Dale went along.  Dad went down the mountain side on his cycle.  Broke both arms and ended up in a hospital in Missouri with staph infection.  Dad called Charles to come get him out of that hospital or he was taking a plane home.  Charles and nephew Bud Doughman almost kidnapped dad, but finally got him home and into a Dayton hospital.    

1976 - He was privileged to have a very large part in raising his wonderful grandson Ben.  He often tells how proud he is of Ben and what a great father Ben is to his little boys and his daughter.   

1988- Charles decided to become the landlord.  He inherited a house from his stepmother and began renting the house after completely modeling.  Then Covenant Baptist (formerly Ft. McKinley Baptist) had a house for sale. Charles would do a favor for them and buy the house, then the house next door, then the one on the other side.  A house down the street was for sale and of course Charles bought it.   These houses occupy much of his time, but now he has the help of very capable grandson Adam.

1996-1997 – Charles Became moderator for the South West Ohio Sovereign Grace Ministers Fellowship, has preached in Bible Conferences over the country and had articles published in several national religious papers.

1998 - He retired as pastor of Union Baptist Church.  But still edits the church newsletter, types the church bulletin and keeps the church’s website updated

He has preached at the Gospel Mission of Dayton for 30 years and teaches a bible study every Tuesday.  He has taught computer classes there also.

He ran for mayor of Union at one time and school board. He keeps busy writing letters to the editor which appears in the Englewood Independent.

He teaches an Area Ladies bible study at our church each Wednesday afternoon and will continue to do so as long as the ladies are willing to listen to him.  He appreciates the love for the Lord that Barbara, Ruthann and Bobbi have shown.

At this time you will see Charles hobbling around.  He was working on a rental property Friday with grandson Adam.  He fell down the basement steps and injured his leg and sprained his ankle.   It’s good he is retired, right?

This explains a lot.  Now we know why he is like he is.  Now what is yet to come?