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Arnetts to celebrate 25 years in ministry

(From article in Englewood Independent)

Pastor Charles J. Arnett and his wife, Carole, will commemorate 25 years of ministry at Union Baptist Church June 9. The church will hold an open house for the Arnetts from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on June 9.

The Arnett family has attended Union Baptist since its first service, Nov. 6,1960, in Union's village hall. The Arnetts have four children, Sheryl (Timothy) Jaye, David (Christene) Arnett, Jack (Elena) Arnett, and Brenda (Tim) Bell.: Also, they have eight grandchildren, Ben, David, Candy, Stephanie, Wendy, Adam, Mindi and Zachary and one great-granddaughter Ashley, all who attend Union Baptist Church. The family has lived in the same house in Union since 1958.

Pastor Arnett served as deacon under the church's first three pastors, Glenn Edwards, Monroe Duffie, and Jerry Locher. Locher resigned April 25, 1971; the church, in a duly called business meeting, June 9, 1971, voted to call Arnett as their pastor. An ordination council of area regular Baptist ministers was called March 19, 1972 to examine Arnett. The council commenced Bro. Arnett for his manifest humility and preparedness to answer the council.

Pastor Arnett graduated from the University of Dayton in 1964. He was licensed as a professional engineer in 1965 and his license is current. In the beginning of his ministry he was bi-vocational. He still spends one or two days a week consulting in electronic hardware and software design at Instralab Inc. Arnett's patents are in hardware design. He has used his engineering training to supplement the support from the church. Arnett also designed and supervised the building of the hip roof over the education unit in 1979.

Arnett has spoken several times at the annual association of the National Particular Baptist fellowship of America and at the Tri-State Particular Baptist Fellowship in North Carolina. Arnett has been the guest speaker for the Continental Baptist Churches annual association meeting. He preached in evangelistic services in Ohio and Virginia churches. Arnett is the moderator for the 1996- 97 year for the Southwest Ohio Sovereign Grace Minister Fellowship. He has had articles published in several national religious papers.

Union Baptist Church is located at 528 N. Main St. in Englewood.