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Union Baptist Church preaches the doctrines of grace, aka TULIP, with passionate plea's for sinners to repent and believe on the lord Jesus Christ for salvation. 

We cling tenaciously to the fundamentals of the faith once delivered to the saints with great emphasis on the authority of the inerrant scriptures.  We hold to the practice that honors the Lord Jesus Christ as head of the church.  We believe the scripture to be a clear guide for our church government and the ordinances.

Please see "Our Doctrine" for a more complete statement of our faith.

Below is our history.


UNION BAPTIST HISTORY - Revised 1985c; 1993, 2000

The Church held its' first meeting at 10 a.m. on Nov. 6, 1960, in the Village Hall on Martindale Road, Union, Ohio; there were 19 people in attendance. The preliminary steps taken to open the doors of Union Baptist Church were bathed in prayer, initiated by a love for lost souls, and motivated by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Rev. Glenn Edwards, founding pastor, and his nephew Kenneth Parsons, passed out hand bills on Nov. 5 announcing the first church service. Pastor Charles Arnett (retired 1997) and his family were present at the service.


The average attendance for the first year was 25. In November of l96l, the church moved to 110 S. Main St., Union. The location change brought forth a steady increase in attendance. During the second year, an average of 45 people attended the church.


 The first constitution was adopted by the mission Church Nov. 12, 1962. In February 1963, the Church held a recognition council consisting of local regular Baptist pastors. Those participating in the council were Pastor Nile Fisher - Emmanuel of Dayton; Pastor R. Mac. Carthy - Grace, of Dayton; Pastor L. Brown - Kettering Baptist, Kettering; Pastor Harold Green -Faith Baptist, Greenville; Pastor V. Miller - Immanuel Baptist, Arcanum; Pastor Glenn Greenwood - Blessed Hope, Springfield; Pastor R. Houk - Maranatha, Springfield; Pastor D. Moffat - Grace, Cedarville; and Pastor E. Virgent - Grace, Troy. The creation of the constitution was a monumental experience for the church and the pastor. The church held a dinner, served in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sowers, 108 Maplegarden Drive, Union, for the participating pastors.


The Union Baptist Church's Articles of Incorporation were signed May 9, 1963. The church was admitted into the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches fellowship in Omaha, Nebraska during the same month and year. In October l963, the church received the initial plans for its’ building. The plans were drawn by Mr. Vernon Wombold of Dayton as a gift unto the Lord.


 In 1963, Sept. 18 - The church considered buying the rest home to be used as the church building, however, the purchase price was too high ($15,000 was the limit the church could spend). The Church looked for an oil stove to heat the present building.


 Agreed to pay for pastor (Glenn Edwards) - $10 per week (retro- to August 1, 1963).


First Church Clerk for the church was voted in - Carole Arnett named to this position.

Treasurer voted in - John Clemmons became treasurer.


Mr. St. Clair of Cedarville College agreed to set up books.

The Articles of Incorporation were received and filed in the office of Ted W. Brown, the secretary of state, at Columbus, Ohio on March 17, l964. The certificate of plan approval for a building on Montgomery Street in Union was received on March 29, l964.


The Rev. Glenn Edwards served as Pastor of Union Baptist from November 6, 1960 until August 14, 1964.

On Sept. 2, Rev. Monroe Duffie, a high school teacher from West Alexandria and former pastor of several Regular Baptist Churches, answered a call from the church to become an interim pastor. It was under his direction that the Church decided to support a full-time pastor. Also, a committee was formed to clarify and revise the constitution. A decision was made to send money to either Terry or Larry Armstrong, whoever was in need. The Rev. Duffie, his wife Shirley, and their children, Timothy and Brenda were received into the fellowship of the church.


March 10, 1965, the church decided to give Marge MacMillian $20 a month as long as there was a balance in the missionary budget. The church also decided to give $5 per month to the State Missionary.


Charles Arnett, John Clemmons, June Noble and Louis Sowers were appointed to serve on a building committee with the pastor as chairman. This committee was authorized to act as a legal agent in locating a suitable location and initiating a building program including necessary financing. The Rev. Earl Umbaugh, state missionary, helped select candidates for Pastorate of Union Baptist Church. The candidates were required to sign a declaration of belief and an article of faith, according to church constitution.


In addition, the building committee was to put up enough earnest money, up to $1,000, for the purchase of or holding of property for the church.

In March of 1965, Rev. Jerry Locher accepted the full-time pastorate for the salary of $110 per week; and plans were begun for the primary building, located at 528 N. Main St. in Englewood.


On March 2, the time for Sunday School was changed from 10 a.m. to the standard time of 9:30 a.m. - effective April 1.

April 4 - Pastor Jerry, wife Sabra Locher, and son Mark became members of the Union Baptist Church.

June 16 - Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Warner were received by letter from Arcanum Immanuel Baptist. July 14, -We accepted the preliminary plans for the building as presented.


Aug. 15 - Pastor Locher was given authority to sign to borrow $2,000 from the bank in the name of the church for the building.

The Church made payments on money borrowed by four men of the church on behalf of the church for the building. The amount of borrowed money was $750 each, with $1,000 to Mr. Schuler (resident of the small house next door to present building) in addition to $100 showing our earnest in purchasing the property at 528 N. Main St. Englewood


On Jan. 26, 1966, the Church paid the bill for the phone extension with its’ installation from the parsonage to the church. The church agreed that if there were no funds the extension would be removed.


March 23 - The church accepted the agreement for $2,000 from Baptist Builders C

Jan 8 - Pastor Locher’s salary was increased by $15 per week.

Also, membership was withdrawn from the American Council of Christian Churches.


May 24 - Pastor Jerry Locher, Charles Arnett, and Dick Powell were sent to OARBC as voting messengers in Columbus.

The pastor’s salary was raised to $140 per week on Feb. 7, 1968. The church also agreed to provide hospitalization insurance and conference expense. Monday was declared the pastor’s day off and it was determined he would receive two weeks vacation with pay.

March 3 - State approves plans for new building - 50’ x 75’ at a cost of $24,000.


March 20 - The Church decides to support missionaries Dr. James and Mrs. Esther Entner in the Philippines.

May 1 - The Church received word from Church Building Committee that the building loan was approved. Payments of $30l.96, financed for 12 years with option to refinance the end.

The church accepts the loan and decides to go ahead with the new building as planned (to be flush with existing building - east side).


Sept. 11 - Pastor requested the church secure loan to pay outstanding debts covering trench for retaining wall, material for stairwell cover, Hines Hardware, driveway repair, and parking area at the rear of the building.


The Church continued to grow and in the Fall of 1968 a new Sunday School addition was added, including a fellowship hall, nursery, and offices.

On Dec. 8, the Church met at the new building to varnish the doors and held its’ first official prayer service.

On Dec. 19, 1969 the Church held its’ first Sunday Services in the new building. The Church dedicated its all-electric building on Saturday, Jan. 8 at 2:30 p.m. The guest speaker for the dedication was Earl D. Umbaugh, state missionary from the OARBC.

May 29, 1969 - Bro. Charles and Carole Arnett were elected voting messengers to the GARBC Conference, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Jan. 10, 1970 - The Church amended the Constitution to comply with Hiscox Rules concerning quorums and voting procedures. The Church also decided to change the Annual Business Meeting to the second and third week of February.

In 1970, The Church wall against the hill caved in. It took a lot of effort by the church to get the building repaired.

May 16, 1971 - Pastor Jerry Locher’s resignation was effective June 6. Back surgery was scheduled for Brother Locher. The Church took up love offerings until July 11.


On June 9, 1971 - the Church called one of its’ own members, Charles Arnett, to be their pastor.

Pastor Arnett and his wife Carole were elected voting messengers to the GARBC Conference in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Oct. 10 - The church purchased a tractor for $1,200.


Oct. 23 - A letter was sent to Faith Baptist Church of N. Canton recognizing them as a mission of Union Baptist. The letter stated that the Church was proud to recognize the Locher Family as members.

The baptism of Muriel and Herb Roettger also took place.


Nov. 14 - Brother Caudill and Brother Culbertson to recognition service -Faith Baptist Church, N. Canton

Advisory Committee authorized as ordination Committee for Pastor Arnett.

Dec. 5 - The Church agreed to support David and Barbara Taylor, missionaries to Brazil, with $15 per month.

Dec. 15 - Jere Cunagin, Carol Oaks, and Pastor Charles and Carole were appointed as OARBC voting messengers in Belfountain, Ohio.

The Church sent mission help in the form of $150 for six weeks to Pastor Jerry Locher at Hartville, Ohio Baptist Church.


In October of l972 the Church purchased a l960, 66 passenger bus to begin its bus ministry. During those years, souls were saved and lives dedicated unto the Lord. It seemed that the Lord had been preparing the Church for growth in the city of Union and Englewood, yet, the Church experienced financial burden because of the new building. This caused Pastor Arnett to work full-time in engineering until Sept. 30, 1984 when he also served the church as pastor full-time. He still continued to work one day a week in engineering to make it easier for the church to support him.

********* Memories **********

l970's - The Baptismal painting: in memory of Harry Culbertson, a faithful Deacon & Sunday School Superintendent, painted by artists Glenda Thomas and her sister Wanda Coffee.

The Organ: In memory of Harold Pencil, father of the Church organist Lynn Pencil Petrequin.

1971 - Swordbearer teams from Cedarville College began coming to the church and helped by working with the Nursery, Youth and later with the Jr. Church. Families of the church have hosted the students for Sunday dinner by taking turns having them in their homes.

l980 - (corrected 4/26/2015) In memory of Ginny, Larry and Melody Newsome (age 16), Deacon and Sunday School teacher who went to be with the Lord due to an airplane crash in Pikeville, Kentucky. Parking Lot and Drive Blacktop were given to the church in their memory by their son Ronald.

1982 -Blue Song books: Given in memory of Max & Dorothy Brown by their daughter Carole and son-in-law Pastor Charles Arnett.

Piano and carpet: In memory of Dale and Opal Arnett by their children, Phyllis Studebaker, Pastor Charles Arnett and families.

1988 -The auditorium clock and library bookcases were given in memory of

Helen Arnett, step-mother of Phyllis Studebaker and Pastor Charles Arnett.


Jan. 2, 1972 - Harvie Coffee was baptized.

March 24 - Council called by the church to examine Pastor Arnett for ordination.

1972 - Baptisms: Kay Warner, Brenda and Diane Griffith, April Russell, Becky Oaks, Catherine Ramsey (resident of Englewood Manor), Barbie, Gene and Tim O’Dell.

Sept. 23, 1972 - Pastor &Mrs. Arnett were sent as messengers to the OARBC Conference.

1973 - Baptisms: Virginia Newsome, Melody Newsome, Jim and Mary Weimer , Ann Bailey, Anita Shepherd, Phyllis Katzenbach, Ron and Glenda Thomas, and Jim Coffee and Ova Coffee.


Sept. 7, 1973 - Pastor and Mrs. Arnett were selected as voting messengers in October to the O.I.B Conference.

Nov. 19, 1973 - James Greer was to hold a Mini Bible Conference at the Church.

1974 - Baptism: Larry Moore.


March 10, 1974 - The Deacon Fund, to be taken at Lord’s Supper, was established for people in need.

1974 - Baptisms: - Jack Epperly, Chris Bailey, Randy Morgan and Tom Bailey, Jenny Lentz, Paulette Vickrey, and Carroll Gibson.

Oct. - Pastor and Mrs. Arnett were elected as voting messengers at the OARBC Conference in Toledo, Ohio.

Jan. 19, 1975 - David and Donna McConnell were baptized. The Church determined to support pastor Arnett with $125 weekly as he cut engineering job to three days.


Feb. 16, - The front around the baptism area was changed by removing paneling to match rest of auditorium.

March 8 - Greg Stine, Randy Shupert, Candy, Dave and Bob Springer were baptized.

March 19 - Cedarville College group took religious survey of Englewood for the church


April 9 - A Youth Committee was appointed. Also, David Morton, John Shappard, and Kenneth Wesley were baptized.

April 16 - Brother Bill Bailey was given permission to build a baseball diamond on the rear property.

The Church also decided to rent a booth for the Springfest at OR Edgington School.


April 20 - Jane Shappard and Ronald Wright were baptized.

May 10 - Pastor, two men invited to recognition council for Shawnee Hills Baptist of Jamestown.

Deborah and Tom Tolle baptized and Pastor and Mrs. Arnett were selected as voting messengers to the OARBC Conference.

June 19 - Kyle Vickrey, Bill and Donna Garwood were baptized.


July 13 - Pastor Arnett went back to work five days a week at Instrulab to help the church build up its’ treasury and finances.

August 19 - Maggie, Pat and Mary O’Brien were baptized.

Sept. 7 - Pastor & Mrs. Arnett were selected as messengers to the OARBC Conference.

Sept. 11 - The Church voted to purchase a new duplicating machine.


Sept. 14 - The Church started having Children’s Church for ages 4 – 8. It was determined that infants through age three would remain in the nursery.

Sept. 28 - Sheryl Arnett and Maxie Perry were baptized.

Oct. 19 - Debbie Smith and Irene Morman were baptized.


April 14, 1976 - Pastor and Mrs. Arnett went to Seattle in June 1976 for the GARBC Conference (traveled by motorcycle). Also, David Thomas, Melissa Botticello, Imogene, Elizabeth Day, and Edna Smith were baptized.

Aug. 1 - Robert Doughman and Lois Smith were baptized.

Aug. 15 - Baptisms: Charles, Nannie, and Opal McManus.


Sept. 19 - Pastor and Mrs. Arnett were voted as messengers to the OARBC Conference. In addition,

Jim, Loretta Tindall, Don, David Boyd, Vivian Warner, and Carolyn Harmon were baptized.

Nov. 7 - Martha Vickery, Ricky Harmon, Carrie and Debra Sturgill, and Claudette Smith were baptized.

May 29 - Larry Newsome was baptized.

June 5 - Ronald Newsome was baptized.


Jan. 8, 1978 - The time for the evening services changed from 7:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

March 12 - Deacons advised selling church bus and removing pool tables from fellowship hall.

April 23 - Todd Clark and Pete Warner were baptized.


May 7 - The Church planned VBS for Aug. 7 – 11. It was determined that teachers would plan their own program. No material was purchased.

May 21 - The Church appointed a roof committee for repairs. Also, it was learned that Missionaries Delises were going to school. Therefore, their money was available for another missionary (Charles and Myrna Alexander were suggested).

July 23 - The Church voted to support ($15 a month) Charles Alexander family as missionaries.


VBS was not held this year, but the area of Union and Englewood was canvassed for five-day Bible Clubs held in homes.

Aug. 10 - Sister Doughman was permitted to have a Joy Club Bible Study in her home

Pastor Arnett was responsible to acquire a song leader from Cedarville College and for the youth group.

Oct. 22 - Kristopher Bauman was baptized.


Dec. 10 - Andy Coffee and Sean Riley were baptized.

Oct. 7, 1978 - The Church voted to borrow money to pave the driveway, pad pews and improve building, and to plant shubbery along rail along at hilltop driveway.

Oct. 28 - Lowell Studebaker was baptized.

Feb. 1979 - Basketball games and a team was organized by coach Bill Bailey.

Jan. 6, 1980 - The Church determined to borrow $35,000 to pay off building and roof. Also, Jack Arnett’s van was critiqued for Sunday School route. The Church also decided to check out cost of driveway, carpet etc.

Jan. 8 - The Church decided to borrow $34,951.52 to pay off building and various other jobs that were needed.

April 13 - The Church discussed disconnecting the phone because of finances. In addition, Melody Newsome was baptized.


July 24, 1980 - Larry (Church Mechanic/Trustee), Ginny (Sunday School Teacher/Church Clerk) and daughter, Melody Newsome (Nursery Steward) entered Heaven as the result of a plane crash in Pikeville, Kentucky.

Aug. 10 - Carole Arnett was appointed temporary church clerk.

The Church decided to take up an offering to buy ham for Ronnie Newsome’s wedding rehearsal dinner, acting as his parents and assisting with the dinner.

The Church voted to ask Bruce Sparks (Cedarville College Student) to candidate as Assistant Pastor. (Bruce is now the senior pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, OH.)

Brenda Kimmel was voted in as Church Clerk and Ron Newsome was asked to be Church Mechanic and Trustee (once his Army service ended). In addition, Shirley Lynn was baptized.


Oct. 15 - Terri and Bruce Sparks (assistant pastor) were accepted into Church by letter.

Ronnie Newsome was voted Church Mechanic and Trustee.

Oct. 19 - Mike and Diana Clark were baptized.

Nov. 2 - The Pig Fund was started for the New Year’s Eve Pig Roast.

Feb. 1, 1981- Paul Doughman III was baptized.

May 20 - Pastor Sparks suggested a need for more cribs in the Church’s growing Nursery (perhaps even an additional room was appropriate).

May 27 - Pastor Charles and Carole Arnett and Sheri were voted messengers to the GARBC Conference in Winona Lake, Indiana.

June 8 - David Riley was baptized and Sally Riley was reinstated.

July 5 - Lisa Anderson, and Steve and Michelle Shaeffer were baptized.

July 15, 1981 - Diana Newsome was elected Nursery Steward

Aug. 9 - The Church decided to sell the Ford tractor and find a smaller lawn tractor.

Pastor Arnett proposed the Church instruct a project committee to remodel upstairs shed for new tractor.

Aug. 16 - Della and Sewell Smith, Shannon Riley, Tina Commons, and Kevin Mills were baptized.`

Nov. 25 - Ron Thomas was voted in as "Assistant To The Pastor" at $35 per week for housing expenses.

Feb. 21, 1982 - Tim Swartout and Chris Clark were baptized.

March 24 - Assistant Pastor Bruce and Terri Sparks moved to Muskegon, Michigan.

March 17 - Valerie Wesley was baptized.

July 11 - Benjamin Arnett, Sean Riley, and Ronnie Smith were baptized.


June 22, 1982 - New Worship and Service Hymnals were given to the Church in memory of Dorothy and Max Brown, by Carole (daughter) and Pastor Charles Arnett (son-in-law).

Sept. 22 - Pastor Arnett offered to sell his house and build an apartment upstairs in the church building due to low church finances. He purchased building materials. It was agreed that if the Church grew enough, Pastor Arnett would be assisted with a down-payment for a house.

Jan. 2, 1983 - Keith Wise was baptized.

May 4, 1983 - Pastor Arnett, Carole, Sheri, Brenda Kimmel, and Mary Wombold were selected as voting messengers to Niagara Falls, New York to the National GARBC Conference.

June 17, 1984 - The Church agreed to pay support for Pastor Arnett to be full-time pastor and still work one day per week in engineering job.

Sept. 23 - The Church decided to deposit pastor medical expense into an IRA for retirement fund until Instrulab ceases to support his medical expense.

Sept. 30, 1984 - Ivan Davidson was baptized and Donna was received by letter.

Oct. 21 - It was determined that the Treasurer would file for church tax exempt from Social Security tax.

April 10, 1985 - Committees were elected: Music, Worship, and Decoration.

May 10 - Pastor Charles and Carole Arnett were selected as voting messengers to the GARBC Conference in Springfield, Illinois.

March 2, 1986 - Randall and April Davidson were baptized.

June 18 - Pastor and Carole Arnett were selected as voting messengers to GARBC Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Oct. 8, 1986 - Don and Joyce Gill were baptized.

Oct. 15 - A motion was made to buy shingles for the roof.

Dec. 3, 1986 - Donald Strasburg was baptized.

Folding door for the nursery was installed as well as door closer for door between foyer and Sunday School.

Laymen take services on Sept. 1 for the first time. The Church agreed to pay Cedarville youth $20 or $0.22 a mile; whichever was the greater. It was also determined that the Pastor would mail out report (church letter) on church activities for past year. Also, the second Sunday of October was set as BREAK A HUNDRED SUNDAY.

Pastor Arnett supplies heater for open assembly room for prayer meeting during the winter.

Thanksgiving service - Bill and Phyllis, and Dave and Shannon provide special music.

Christmas service - Dec. 15, Cedarville students work with Junior Church for program.

The Church decided to cancel Wednesday evening service on Dec. 25 due to Christmas celebrations.

Also, it was determined that plastic for work party to cover the window screens would be needed o keep out the winter cold weather.

Snow blowing in the attic was also an issue. Dave said he would cut soffit.

The Rileys extend an invitation for a New Year's Eve party.

Ron Thomas was named VBS director.

It was decided that the following modifications would be made: roofing the church, closing in the front porch, and putting up ceiling fans.

Oct. 15, 1989 - Church designated gifts as a faith promise for Brother Jerry Locher.

Advisory Committee agreed to make plans to finish upstairs with donations.

Pastor & Mrs. Arnett were appointed as observers to Sovereign Grace Baptist Retreat at Grand Rapids.

March 26 - Thomas Charles (Tommy) Smith was baptized.

April 19, 1989 - Men were nominated to council of 18: J. Wayne Hart - Xenia, R. Byron Sheerer - Cedarville, James R. Neely - Dayton, Paul Jackson - Cedarville, Dennis Henderson - Jamestown, Nile Fisher - Dayton, Richard Harris - Sellersville PA, Duane Brown - Parsippany, New Jersey.

Also, Pastor Arnett, Sister Arnett, Sister Phyllis Studebaker, Bros. Ivan Davidson, Ron Thomas, and Ernie Kovacs were selected as voting messengers to the 1989 annual GARBC conference in Columbus.


Pastor Arnett and Sister Arnett were appointed to the elections committee.

Ova Thomas was received into the fellowship of the church by letter.

WCDR put a sign on the Church attic entrance; "We are looking for a Summer intern for 1989."

May 17, 1989 - Ernie Kovacs was appointed Sunday School Superintendent.

The Church accepted designated gifts to Dayton Christian Schools.

June 21, 1989 - Joseph E. Collins was received into the fellowship of church in promise of letter from Florence, Kentucky.

Sept. 20 - The following individuals were nominated to the OARBC Council of 12: Dennis Henderson, Byron Shearer, and Wayne Hart.

Nov. 1, 1989 - Ft. McKinley Baptist Church was invited to hold their Sunday evening service in the Church building as they had no place to meet on Jan. 7.

Feb. 1990 - Sharon Shockey was received into the fellowship of the church upon her baptism. Also, Ernie Kovacs was appointed Bible School Director.

March 4 - Carry-In Dinner theme was "Men’s Day"

March 11 - Heidi Lea Mackenzie (Cedarville Student) was received into fellowship by letter from Baptist Church of Blytheville, Arkansas.

April 11, 1990 - Donald Wolford was received into the fellowship of the church..

April 20 - A Youth Retreat with Ft. McKinley Baptist (now Covenant) was planned.

April 22 - The Rev. John and Helen Lawhead were received into the fellowship by letter from Berean Baptist Church of Lima (retired pastor of Berean Baptist).

April 25, 1990 - to the GARBC Conference in Niagara Falls New York - Pastor Charles and Carole Arnett, Brenda Kimmel, Joseph Collins, John and Helen Lawhead and Phyllis Studebaker;

May 20 - A Missions Conference was held with Missionaries Larry Allen, Robert Young, Lisa McClure, Gary Holtz of Campus Bible Fellowship, and Ken Clarkson of Dayton Gospel Mission.

June 5, 1990 - The Rev. John and Helen Lawhead were appointed to the Annual OARBC Conference in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Aug. 19 - Carry-In-Fellowship Dinner was scheduled.

Aug. 25 - Fellowship breakfast at Perkins was established.

Oct. 2 - Ladies Faith and Fellowship Circle Meeting was set.

Oct. 8 - Evangelistic Services were held with Pastor Willie Overton of Draper Valley Baptist in Draper, Virginia.

Dec. 12 1990 - The Church authorized remodeling of pastor’s office.

Dec. 26 1990 - Jim and Loretta Tindall were received into the church upon their statement of faith.

Jan. 30, 1991 - Laura Rene Whiteker was received into the fellowship by letter from University Baptist Church, Beavercreek, Ohio

April 28, 1991 - Spring Conference, "Focus On Children."

Nov. 15, l991 - Church decides to increase the missionary giving of Jim Entner and David Taylor by $10 per month. A GARBC missionary family (Wally Hallberg from Pennsylvania) with car problems stranded at church. Pastor Arnett then helped them to travel on to their other scheduled meetings.

1991 - The Church’s first Summer Intern from Cedarville College was student Tim Canterbury.

In 1992, VBS was held June 15-19, 21. Pastor Arnett was appointed VBS director.

1992 - The Melodee Bell Choir (Jr. Church girls) began under the direction of Pastor Arnett’s wife Carole and daughter Brenda Kimmel. The choir sang frequently at the Piqua Mall Christmas cantata , the West Milton annual conference, and at the Gospel Mission . Also, they sang for church services every other Sunday. Their practice was on Wednesday and Sunday nights each week.

Brenda and Carole also started a Wednesday Night Children’s Bible Hour and time of singing.

Sept. 20, 1992 - Pastor and Mrs. Arnett were selected as voting messengers to the insurance meeting in Columbus, Ohio. The meeting focused on what to do about the Fellowship of Regular Baptist Pastors Insurance. (which was later dropped.)

Sept. 30 - Pastor and Mrs. Arnett were selected as voting messengers to the Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches meeting in Columbus, Ohio. Also, nominated for Council of 12 were: Pastor Sperry, Pastor Pausley of Troy, and Pastor Wayne Hart of Xenia.

Oct. 18 - Pews were given to the Church. They were picked up by Dave Riley, Jack Brown and David Arnett.

Dec. 11 - A Ladies Christmas Party was held with a gift exchange at Faye Strumbergers.

Dec. 13 - A Sunday School Christmas Program was held with fellowship following. Also, the Melodee Choir performed at Piqua Mall during their parade of choirs.

1993 - Summer Intern Marlon Banez, from Toronto Baptist Seminary, Toronto, Canada, a student and former pastor from the Philippines, was welcomed.

May 9 - Missions Conference – Focus on Planting Baptist Churches. Missionaries were: David Taylor, Tom Zentz, Don Taber, and Marlon Banez.

Sept. 8, 1993 -We received John M.Caverlee by his profession of faith in baptism.

Sept. 29, 1993 - Pastor Charles and Carole Arnett were selected as voting messengers to the OARBC Conference in Northfield, Ohio.

Nov. 3, 1993 - Jerry Locher officiated at baptism of his granddaughter, Chera Sturgell. Also, Tim Bell was received into the fellowship of the Church upon his statement of faith. In addition, Ivan Davidson was given permission to purchase church vacuum sweeper

Nov. 28 - Mortgage Burning Ceremony was held with Pastor Jerry Locher (Debbie Sturgell’s dad)as guest speaker.

Dec. 31 - Pig Roast New Year’s Eve at the home of Jerry and Debbie Sturgell.

Feb. 16, 1994 - The following appointments were made: Treasurer - Ivan Davidson, Financial Secretary - Donna Davidson, Sunday School Superintendent - Tim Bell, Sunday School Secretary - Brenda Bell, Church Clerk - Carole Arnett, Ground Steward - Ernie Kovacs, Building Steward - Glenda Thomas and Bill Bailey, Nursery Steward Debbie Sturgell and Ernie Kovacs, Head Usher - Dave Riley and Sean Riley.

Dec. 27 - Melodee Belle Choir presented an Easter Cantata at the church.

May 7 - A Youth Rally with Toronto Baptist Seminary was held at the Church.

VBS is held June 20-24, and Sunday evening of June 26 - Pastor Arnett is the VBS director. Also, Charles and Myrna Alexander were accepted as new missionaries for the amount of $25 per month.

July 17 - Ladies Faith & Fellowship Circle met at the Red Lobster on Poe Road.

July 31 - The men of the church build the shed behind the church building.

Nov. 13 - Pastor Willie Overton of Draper, Virginia held evangelistic meetings.

Dec. 10 - The Melodee Choir and Michael Riley sang at The Piqua East Mall in the Parade of Choirs.

Jan. 14 1995 - Michael Riley began his ministry as a missionary with Youth For Christ.

Jan. 23 - Ladies Faith & Fellowship met at the Amish Country Store in Troy to dine with Barbara Williams at the Chinese Restaurant. The bible study was on Joy. Also, the Church voted to build bookcases in pastors office.

1995 -VBS set for June 19-23, & Sunday Evening 25. Tim Bell is named VBS director.

Pastor Allen Smith, of Roanoke, Virginia holds special meetings on April 3.

Feb. 22, 1995 - the church decides to buy lights for the driveway at the top of the hill. Also, Wendy Arnett is received into the fellowship of the church upon her profession of faith and baptism . Wendy also sang the solo "I am standing for Jesus" during her baptism.

May 17, 1995 - Thomas’s express interest in buying section of church property. Ron is willing to pay $7,000 for the undeveloped building lot 60 x 150 on the church property at the bottom of the hill. Also, Julie Bruner and Bob Partin are welcomed into the fellowship of the church upon their profession of faith and baptism. In addition, the Church decides to increase the support of Missionaries David Taylor and Dr. Jim Entner up to $50 each.

July 8 - A Youth Meeting is held at Pastor Arnett’s to wash windows, cars and grill hot-dogs.

July 19, 1995 - Pastor Arnett is given permission to run for school board member at his discretion.

Nov. 7, 1995 - Cathy and Lee Hughes were received into fellowship upon their profession of faith and baptism.

Nov. 10 - Ladies Meeting was held at Glenda Thomas’ studying Fruits of the Spirit.

Nov. 12 - Pastor Willie Overton of Draper, Virginia was a guest speaker.

Pastor Arnett was selected to represent the Church at the Northmont Strategic Planning Committee.

Dec. 8 - A Ladies Christmas Party was held at Judi Salyers.

Dec. 16 - Michael Riley and the Melodee Belle Choir sing at Piqua East Mall.

1996 - Richelle Elizabeth Sturgell was baptized and Tim Bell is named VBS director.

Pastor and Carole Arnett represent the Church at the 1996 Annual GARBC Conference in Lakeland Florida.

Continental Baptist Conference & Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship hold their joint conference at Union Baptist Church in July 1996.

July 18, 1996 - the church purchased a 16-horse tractor for the price of $650. Also, Denise Riley was received into the fellowship upon her promise of a letter from a fellowshipping church. In addition, DP&L ran an easement over Church property to run Electric power to the Thomas’ house. Ashley, Lesley and Elizabeth Davidson were welcomed into the fellowship of the church on their profession

Dec. 8.Melodee Belle’s present Christmas Holiday Musical at the Piqua East Mall.

Dec. 31 - New Year’s Party is held at the Church.

Jan. 5 - Brenda Bell is diagnosed with meningitis and Heather Doughman is placed on a lung transplant list. Heather was later to have a lung transplant.

Feb. 26, 1997 - Melinda Kimmel is received into fellowship on profession of faith and baptism. Also, Bob Partin is reinstated upon his request.

May 18 - Hosanna Choir began under Carole’s direction.

Aug. 24 - Computer classes begin in the fellowship room for seniors.

Nov. 27 - Missionary David Taylor is the morning speaker.

Pastor Charles Arnett announced retirement from pastorate- deacons declared the pulpit empty.

A Retirement Party is held to honor Pastor Arnett’s 27 years as pastor of Union Baptist Church..

Jan. 4, 1998 - Jack Arnett is reinstated in the fellowship of the church at his request.

March 11, 1998 - Marlana Smith is baptized.

May 13 - Ronald Newsome's membership is reinstated.

The Church decides to support Scott and his wife Susan as Missionaries to the Mormons in Utah for the sum of $50 a month. Also, the Alexander's support is raised by $25 making their total support $75 a month. Dec. 13 - Belinda, Jennifer, and Pastor Laird Baldwin are received by letter from Calvary Baptist Church of Reserve. Pastor Laird Baldwin was called to be the Church’s pastor. A Welcome Party was held for the Baldwins, introducing the new pastor.

A $500 gift to Jose Penol of the Philippines was given to help with the purchase of a church building. The Penol’s are with the Independent Baptist Missions for Asia.

June 13, 1999 - Angela Baldwin is received by letter from Calvary Baptist Church of Reserve, LA and Christopher Carrolton by baptism. Also, Angela Fredrick, a reporter who came to interview Pastor Baldwin, was saved during the interview. She was baptized and added to the church.

June 23, 1999 - Pastor and Belinda Baldwin Messengers - annual GARBC conference in Bellevue, Washington.

July 8, 1999 - Jordan Newsome is welcomed into the fellowship by baptism.

Sept. 19 - The Church decides to regularly support the Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches at $50 per month.

Jan. 30, 2000 - Larry Campbell and Marlana Smith are baptized.

Feb. 6 - Andrew Baldwin is welcomed into the fellowship from Reserve, La.

Feb. 9 - Camron Elworth is baptized.

March 19, 2000 - Jerry, Debbie, Bethany and Richelle Sturgell are received into the fellowship by letter from Covenant Baptist Church.

Also welcomed into fellowship were Chera and Jason Brewer from Covenant Baptist Church, and Anthony Tolle from Norwood.

April 16 - Krystalynn Kovacs and Brooke Sturgell are baptized.

June 7 - Pastor Baldwin, Carole Arnett and Charles Arnett are selected as voting messengers to the Annual GARBC conference in Ames, Iowa. Pastor explained the need for prayer and guidance concerning the GARBC approval system.

The Church decided to grant Missionary support that had been going to James and Esther Entner to Scott and Susan Sloans, conditionally as long as the Entner’s are home on leave from the Philippines as suggested by Dr. Entner. The Sloans are in need of purchasing more land in Utah.

In addition, the Church determines to increase support to missionaries Charles and Myrna Alexander at $25 per month for the help of small churches. Also, Shepherds Home support was increased to $50 per month.

The Church established a committee for the 40th Year Anniversary of the Church. The committee was to locate former members, former pastors and song leaders to attend the program. They were to plan the 40th Anniversary Celebration set for Sunday, Nov. 5. The members of the Anniversary Committee are as follows: Ann and Bill Bailey, Ron and Glenda Thomas, Ivan Davidson, Sally Riley, Brenda and Tim Bell, Jack Arnett, Charles and Carole Arnett, Debbie Sturgell and Phyllis Doughman. Tom Tolle, Dave Riley, Debbie Tolle and Angela Fredrick also were added to the committee.


UNION BAPTIST HISTORY - Revised 1985c; 1993, 2000, 2010


October 2000 - Charles and Carole Arnett are elected as voting messengers to the Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches  in Toledo, OH on October 23rd to represent our church.


October 15, 2000 –Shepherds Home and School of Union Grove, WI  for the mentally disabled were with us on Sunday Morning.   Our VBS offering each year is a donation to the home.

The estimated cost  to have the top wall of the hill repaired was  $2,232.50. 

We also paved the parking lot for $11,322  this month. 

Plans were made for the church to have a pig roast  on New Years. 


December 3, 2000  Joanna Fuls and Marian Hooper are welcomed  into the fellowship of the church on their profession of faith and baptism.

December 17, 2000 – Christmas program “Jesus The Light”  was presented at both the Alterra Sterling House and then at our church.      


January 17th,2001.   Deacons elected for this year are:  Tim Bell, Ron Thomas, Ivan Davidson, Ernie Kovacs and David Riley.


February we began building the attic upstairs, with a $9,000 limit.  Bathrooms may be added later.  The church ask Ernie Hooper to do the work on the attic, Charles Arnett to supervise.


June, we elected  voting messengers to the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches annual conference in French Lick, Indiana:  Pastor Baldwin, Belinda, Charles and Carole Arnett.

June 23, 2001 – was the wedding of Michelle Lee Tuggle and David Matthew Thomas.


July 16, 2001 Theme for VBS this year would be F.R.O.G.S.

July 29th we voted to accept Tom Albaugh into the fellowship of the church on his profession of faith and baptism. 


In August the church  voted to support missionaries Lew and Jan Beeler at the amount of $50 per month.   $250  for a 10,000 BTU air conditioner given to the church by Raymond Salyers.


October 14, 2001 – Pastor Willie Overton of Draper Valley Baptist Church, Draper, Virginia will hold Revival services. Bro. Charles Arnett and Bro Willie have held evangelistic services for each others churches for  almost 15 years.


December 15, 2001  Annual Christmas program presented at the Alterra Sterling House and then at the Church on Sunday.  “One Night In the Park”.  Tom Tolle  was “The Homeless Man” and Jack Arnett “The Christian Witness.”   Jack Arnett was also the song leader, and Tim Bell the director.    Belinda Baldwin and Carole Arnett were Assistant directors.


January 15, 2002 –Memorial Services were held at the Church for our brother Jack Arnett who went home to be with the Lord on January 12th.

January 17-02  Deacons elected were:  Tim Bell, Ron Thomas, Ivan Davidson,  David Riley.


The Church voted to Accept Sam Tolle(on 1-20) and Lilly Knife (on 1-27)into the fellowship of the church upon their profession of faith and baptism. 

Also to Accept  Lisa Cromer (on 2-3) into the fellowship of the church upon her profession of faith and baptism.


February 3,   And Jim and Loretta Tindall  accepted into the fellowship of the church upon receipt of letter in good standing from West Milton Baptist Church. 

We sent a love offering to Bible Baptist Academy Music Festival  on February 1  & 2 in the amount of $25.00 and to Baptist Academy for $500. 

February 10, 2002 New red hymnals “Great Hymns of the Faith”  are dedicated in memory of Jack Arnett, our song leader who went to be with the Lord.    A music fund has been established in his memory to provide sound equipment for the church.


February 13, 2002  officers for the coming year as nominated by the advisory committee: Church Clerk:  Carole Arnett; Treasurer:  Ivan Davidson;

Financial Secretary: Donna Davidson;   Sunday School Supertintendant

Tim Bell;  Sunday School Secretary –Brenda Bell;    Youth Directors –Tim Bell & Ivan Davidson;   Grounds Steward –Tim Bell & Ron Thomas;Building Stewards –Bill & Ann Bailey, and Glenda Thomas; Nursery Steward –Julie Riley; Head Usher –David Riley.


accept Gene and Skip Baker into the fellowship of the church upon the granting of a letter from  Grace Baptist Church of Phillipsburg, Ohio,

The church purchased the US made chairs as recommended by the advisory committee for the auditorium and fellowship room.  We purchased twenty-four chairs at this time. 

February 20, 2002  Tom and Karen Colarossi  were voted into fellowship with our church on promise of a letter from Calvary Baptist Church of  Depew, New York. 

 Jim and Loretta Tindal into the fellowship of our church upon their statement of faith.


March 3, 2002    Need of Herbert Armstrong, a church member,  to go to City of Refuge in Corpus Christi, Texas for rehab


May 5, 2002 – Annual Missions Conference with speakers Jim Coffee of prison and biker ministry and Setting Captives Free counseling ministry.  . 


June 20, 2002 was the the GARBC Conference meeting in Cedarville Ohio.  Motion to elect Pastor  Baldwin and Charles Arnett as to the election committee was made.


July 21, -Pastor reported Several months ago the Church large screen Television became missing from the front of the church building.  we noticed the VCR was also missing.

The church voted to invest in a security system to protect the church from theft. 

Secure Net Security System  was contracted to protect the church building,

June 24,  2002 – National GARBC conference was held at Cedarville U. Drivers volunteered (the Arnetts, Thomas’ and Pastor Baldwin) from our church to take youth to their conference. 


December  8th We received  Linda and Ted Hart into the fellowship of the church upon their statement of faith.  And  the church decided to have a  beef roast New Year’s  Dinner on Tuesday


December 14, 2002 – Christmas program “Christmas Carol” ,presented at the Alterra Sterling house then the Church, Director Tim Bell,     Assistants:  Brenda Bell and Carole Arnett. Participants  Mary was Calee Elworth and Joseph: Nicholas Davidson.

 December 31st.  at 6:30PM.    New Years Day dinner.  With Tim And  Brenda Bell in charge of the program.    

The church  decided to purchase a replacement screen for films to be shown. price of $160. 


January 19, 2003.   Carol, Hannah and Michael Pulver were received into the fellowship of the church on promise of a letter of good standing from Bible Baptist Church of Hampton, GA.

The church was to enlarge the fellowship room by removing the west end- wall, - and to limit spending up to $2,000 

The Church voted to accept the King James Version of the Bible (Statement of Clarification)   We gave a love offering  of $500 to Jeremy Maller- Engineer & Design at HCJB in Equador. 

The decision was to have the annual Brumbaugh fruit farm church hayride  this year..


April 13-03 We voted to support “Setting Captives Free” Mike Cleveland,  for $50 per month. And that the church  support missionaries to Lexington KY. Gary & Jan Kopstein for $100 per month


May 16, 2003 – VBS “Trail Blazer” Kick off Banquet at the Old Country Buffet in Huber Heights.   


June  11 03  Pastor and Belinda were sent as messengers to the GARBC annual meeting in Riverside, CA  and  to the elections committee


July -20-03  Discussion was that we buy a new Digital Key Board to replace the Organ.  It would be used as an organ to accompany the piano. The older, dedicated by church members,   piano would not be replaced but would be tuned and repaired. 


September. 7 03 –  Pastor Baldwin, Charles Arnett and Ron Thomas were elected as voting messengers to the OARBC Conference in Gallopolis Ohio.

September 9. 03 The church bought carpet selected by Ron and Glenda Thomas, to spend $3,213 for the carpet, Also to Send $1,000 to Emmanuel Baptist in Dayton to assist with their new roof.. 

September 22 03Amy Lewis  to be  accepted into the fellowship of the church upon her statement of faith and baptism. 


October 12 03 –We would create an audio/Visio account of $1,500 to include  projector hard ware and a stand for speakers at the Alterra Sterling House

We enlisted Tobias Heating & Air Conditioning to install the Bryant system at the price of $4,274.00 for the 2 ton unit to be place where the clock is at the present, and a 2 ton heat pump at the price of $938.00, the total of $5,212.00.  

We would build a 5 X 8 ft. control booth area for the price of $300.00.   


Oct. 14-17-03  Hebert Armstrong was accepted into the fellowship  of the Church on the promise of a letter in good standing from Peoples Baptist Church of Corpus Christi, Texas.

We would  raise the number of  deacons to 5  as recommended by the advisory committee.    : Ron Thomas, Ivan Davidson, Tim Bell, Dave Riley and Harold Pulver. were elected.

We purchased items for the nursery(rocking chair  and crib)  Improvement in the security system, and   Purchased a new copier.


December 13th,14th –Annual  Christmas Program written by Pastor Baldwin. “Drew’sChallenge”


January 14, 2004  North Dayton Area Ladies Bible Study will meet at the church.  Study is “Transforming Grace.”  At 1:00PM -With leader Bro. Charles Arnett


August 1, 2004 – Church directories are in and available.


August 14, 2004 -  Ben Arnett and Jenni Wheeler were married here at the church.  Ben’s grandfather Charles Arnett preformed the ceremony.


December 6, 2004 – Ladies Christmas Party was held at the home of Anita Harris.

December 11, 2004 – Annual Christmas program  at the Alterra Sterling House, then held  the church on the 12th.


January 12, 2005  -The church  sent $1,000  each agency ($2,000 total) in relief to the Tsunami victims thru Gospel Literature Services and ABWE  

We voted to accept the borrowing policy of church property;.

January  24, 2005- Pro Life March in Washington DC.  Several of the church attended.

January 30, 2005 – Tom Lothamer, Baptist For Life Representative was our speaker.


February  9, 2005 – We accepted the following church officers :

  Church   Clerk: Carole Arnett,    Treasurer: Ivan Davidson,  

 Financial Secretary: Donna Davidson, Sunday School Supt.::  Harold Pulver,    Youth Directors:  Ivan Davidson & Harold Pulver,Grounds Stewards:  Tim Bell & Ron Thomas,    Buildings Stewards:  Bill Bailey, Ann Bailey, Glenda Thomas,   -

Nursery Steward:  Julie Riley, and   Head Usher:  Andrew Baldwin. 

February 16, 2005  The church set up a Christian Education Fund to help those who attend Christian colleges or  Christian High or elementary schools, or homeschoolers who qualify   Christian Education Fund amount be set at $4,500

(February 16th  2005 Herbie Armstrong (a church member in good standing) will be residing in the church building for approximately one week, until he has recuperated from surgery and can travel back to Corpus Christi, Texas.- The City of Refuge.    .   


March 20, 2005  To spend $900 for the renovation of the Men’s restroom.

To spend up to $629 on the purchase of LCD projector for the Gospel Mission. 

We would spend up to $250 for the purchase of the opaque projector. 

March 27, 2005 – In the loving and all wise providence of God, Cancer was discovered in Glenda Thomas.  She went to Indianapolis for pancreatic surgery.  She had ask the Men of the church and every praying person that she knew to pray for her.  She ask the Lord that she might live to see her grandchildren grow up.   God has granted her prayer.


April 15, 2005 Letter of resignation of was received of  Laird Baldwin as pastor. 

April 17, 2005..   The resignation of Pastor Laird Baldwin as pastor of Union Baptist Church by his written letter of April 15, 2005 was accepted. 

 Sunday April 24, 2005 – 53 in attendance.   Sunday May 1, 2005 -   40 in attendance

The Church voted that we elect Tim Bell as Sunday School Superintendent and Brenda Bell as Sunday School Secretary

April 24, 2005 – Pastor Willie Overton of Draper Valley Baptist Church was our evangelist.


May 25th 2005 We voted to accept Derek Morris into the fellowship of the church upon his profession of faith and baptism.

May 29th Speaker was Attorney Timothy Rudd, A Downtown Dayton Lawyer who is giving up his practice to become a pastor of a church.


June 1st, 2005  We voted to accept Amy Lewis into the fellowship of the church upon her statement of faith.  

June 5th – Annual Church Picnic at Clayton Hard Scrabble Park.

June 26, 2005 Church vote was that Charles and Carole Arnett be elected voting messengers at the GARBC Annual Conference in Lakeland, FL on June 28th. 


Caitlin Partin  was accepted into the fellowship of the church upon her Baptism and statement of faith.  We authorized David Riley to baptize his granddaughter Caitlin Partin


July 23rd – 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration of Charles & Carole Arnett, here at the church.


August 8th – OARBC Bus Trip to Lancaster, PA -  Charles and Carole Arnett attended. 


September 11, 2005 – An Appreciation Banquet for Northmont area fire and police was hosted by the church.    Major General Clyde Autio, Air Force (retired) was the speaker.

October 24th Messengers to represent our church are , Ron & Glenda Thomas and Charles & Carole Arnett to the Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches annual meeting in Elyria,


December 17 &18 –Annual Christmas Program Saturday at the Alterra Sterling House and Sunday at the church.  Directors:  Michelle Thomas, Brenda Bell and Ellizabeth Davidson.    


January 11, 2006  Church voted to  keep the same four deacons for the coming year

We honor the request of Missionaries Jim and Esther Entner that the church would discontinue their support as they are retired.  

W e gave a love gift of $750 to the Jim Evans family to help with their finances. 


Vote was to retain the Church Officers who are now serving. 

CHURCH OFFICERS, 2005 and  for 2006

Clerk- Carole Arnett;  Treasurer- Ivan Davidson, Financial Secretary- Donna Dvidson, Sunday School Supt.- Tim Bell Sunday School Secretary- Brenda Bell

Youth Director- Ivan Davidson, Ground Stewards- Tim Bell, Ron Thomas

Building Stewards- Bill Bailey, Ann Bailey, Glenda Thomas, Nursery Steward-

Julie Riley and Head Usher- Tim Bell


 March 15, 2006  -the church give $435 to Elizabeth Davidson for her mission trip to Mexico.  Students of  Troy Christian School will be building a house for a family in Mexico.  We were encourage to bring our cars to the carwash in Troy which would benefit the mission trip to Mexico. 

June 27th -The Church to Send Ivan & Donna Davidson, Ron & Glenda Thomas, Charles & Carole Arnett as voting messengers  to the General Association  of Regular Baptist Churches Annual Meeting in Lansing, Michigan.


June 7, 2006 we  released John Caverlee from the Membership of Union Baptist Church for the purpose of uniting with Mooncrest Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, PA. There are no longer any flights available from Pittsburgh to Dayton with US AIR.(John’s employer.)

June 20th  Annual VBS Banquet. 


July 10thDaily Vacation Bible School  with “Splash the Dolphin”  

July 19, 2006  we increase our Building Insurance to $200 until it comes due.  We have changed insurance companies

July 26 2006.   the church accepted Kristen Buckner into the fellowship of the church upon her profession of faith and baptism


September 6, 2006 -.the church extends the call to Roger Vester as interim pastor of Union Baptist Church upon recommendation by the deacons.

Pastor Vester accepted the call to become pastor of Union Baptist Church.


September 17th – Evangelist  David of North Carolina was the speaker.

                        –October 4, 2006

We accepted  Mike & Deann Bucher and Noah Davidson into the fellowship of the church upon their statement of faith and baptism.  Noah was baptized by his father Ivan.


The church authorize Pastor Roger Vester to baptize church members and exercise the ordnance of the Lord’s Table. 

October 18m, 2006  We were to send Charles & Carole Arnett and Ivan Davidson to the OARBC Annual Meeting in Bellfountain as voting messengers. 


December 20, 2006 - We received Ronda and Phillip  Clark   into the fellowship of the church upon their profession of faith and baptism. 

(Ronda and Phillip Clark were baptized by Pastor Vester on January 7th, 1:00PM afternoon service)


February 14, 2007    Elected the following:  CHURCH OFFICERS, for 2007:

Church Clerk- Carole Arnett; Treasurer- Ivan Davidson Financial Secretary- Donna Davidson,  Sunday School Supt.- Tim Bell, Sunday School Secretary- Brenda Bell

Youth Director- Ivan Davidson, Ground Stewards- Tim Bell, Ron Thomas

Building Stewards-Bill  & Ann Bailey, Glenda Thomas, Nursery Steward- Julie Riley

Head Usher- Tim Bell


To show our love and appreciation to Elizabeth Davidson who plays the Piano at church on Sunday both morning and night services, teaches Sunday School and goes to the Sterling House ministry on Saturday , the amount of $50 per week for gas expense from Cedarville University where she is a student.,


September 9, 2007 – Timothy Lyzenga  was voted in as fulltime pastor of Union Baptist Church.      to allow $1100 to pastor for moving expenses. 

September 26. 2007.  The church licensed  pastor Timothy Lyzenga to preach, perform weddings and opt out of social security..   The church voted to support  the new pastor a week ahead of his time of arrival at the church to begin as pastor. 


October  17, 2007   Timothy  and Carol Lyzenga were welcomed into the fellowship of the church by promise of a letter from Lighthouse Baptist Church of Bangor, Michigan. They have met with our deacons and their testimony has been approved.  Letter from Lighthouse Baptist Church was received, stating that they are members in good standing, released to our membership at Union Baptist. 


October 27th – Ronda & Phil Clark held a Church fellowship weenie roast at their home. 

New church members welcomed were Pastor Tim & Carol Lyzenga.


December 1st – Missionary Pastor  Roger & Julie Tate and family were with us.

December 9th -  Men’s Praise Singers from Maranatha Baptist College were with us.

December 13th – All ladies Christmas Party at Glenda Thomas home.  Ladies secret sister program began.  Remembering each other in prayer and gifts.



 January _23, 2008   The church  called Dr. Richard Donovan (ret. Pastor of First Baptist Church of Brookville, OH) as interim pastor of the Church.  His duties include, preaching, visitation, Lord’s Table, and advisory committee.   

 February 13, 2008  - elect the following church officers for 2008:  Carole Arnett –Church Clerk,   Ivan Davidson –Treasurer,  Donna Davidson-Financial Secretary,  Tim Bell –Sunday School Superintendent,  Brenda Bell-Sunday School Secretary,  Ivan Davidson-Youth Director,  Tim Bell, Ron Thomas, Phillip Clark-Grounds Stewards,  Bill Bailey, Ann Bailey, Glenda Thomas-Building Stewards,  Tim Bell-Head Usher.

Deacons elected by the church.   -Ron Thomas, Tim Bell, Ivan Davidson, Phil Clark.


February 13, 2008 – Missionary Marjorie MacMillan of Liberia, West Africa, went home to be with the Lord.  The church had supported Margie of Baptist Mid-Missions since the early 1960’s.

.February 20, 2008 -   to accept the proposed budget for the year:


March 30th – Baptism of Cyndi Arnett by Pastor Richard Donovan.  Cyndi and David were both received into the fellowship of the church.  David by reinstatement.

April 20th -  Chelsea Ray Clark and Russell Harris were baptized and received into the fellowship of the church.

April 27th and May 4th Missions Conference here at Union Baptist.


 June 1, 2008,  Pastor Matt Mitchell began his ministry as pastor of Union Baptist Church..

June 14th –     Vacation Bible Sxhool

June 15th -  Pastor Matt Mitchell, his wife Amy and son Wyatt were received into the fellowship of the church.


August 2nd – was the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast at the church.

August 1 – 3rd.-  Several ladies of the church attended the Women of Faith Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.


September 12th – Church had a booth at Union’s Tolle Road Festival.

September 27th – Annual All Church Bonfire-picnic at Phil & Ronda Clarks. 


October 1, 2008   to give $400 to David Riley Construction towards his business

October 5th – Evangelist David Morris will be preaching here at Union Baptist.


December 12st – Ladies are invited to  a Christmas Dinner party at Glenda Thomas.

December 20th – Christmas Program presented by our youth at the church.

Dec.31, 2008 -   New Years  Eve. Fellowship.  David Thomas had smokers going all day with beef briskets and pork shoulders.   Ladies brought side dishes.  After dinner was special music, testimonials, solos and prayer.  Some stayed to play games and snack.  

January _20, 2009   Elect the following deacons. Ron Thomas, Tim Bell, Ivan Davidson, and Phil Clark

Church receive Susan Bane into the fellowship of the church by statement of faith as the Baptist Church in South Carolina that she was a member of has dissolved

To give a gift of $250 to Elizabeth Davidson for her missionary trip with other Cedarville University Students to Shepherds Home and School in Union Grove, WI.


February 11, 2009       To elect the following church officers for 2009:  Carole Arnett –Church Clerk,   Ivan Davidson –Treasurer,  Donna Davidson-Financial Secretary,  Tim Bell –Sunday School Superintendent,  Brenda Bell-Sunday School Secretary,  Ivan Davidson-Youth Director,  Tim Bell, Ron Thomas, Phillip Clark-Grounds Stewards,  Bill Bailey, Ann Bailey, Glenda Thomas-Building Stewards,  Tim Bell-Head Usher.


February 18, 2009  -  Matthew S. Mitchell resigned as pastor of Union Baptist Church.


April 26th  - Missionary Conference.  David Kimmel, missionary to Romania speaking. Also   Dr. Joseph Everette with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

April 27th – Congressional Pastor’s Briefing in Washington D.C.  The Arnett’s, Thomas’ and Davidson families attened.


May 7th National Day of Prayer.  The Church took part in the service at the Englewood Government Center with Bro. Charles Arnett  representing the church praying for the Nation. 

May 17thQuintan Emery Banewas baptized into the fellowship of the church. Officating was associate pastor Ron Thomas.

May 27, 2009  We buy a Dell Laptop for our projector  and Ivan get a good price.


June 13thVBS Banquet at the church.

June 22, 2009 – GARBC Conference in Elyria, Ohio.

June 28, 2009  - We ask Dr. . Bruce K. Winner  a medical doctor from Battlecreek, Michigan to be our pastor and  to begin July 19th at $38,000..  .  Jim Vogel of the GARBC recommended him to be Union Baptist Church pastor.

July 8,  2009  to allow $1,000 to Pastor Bruce Winner for moving expenses from Michigan.,

July 12, 2009   to accept Kenneth Loyal and Debra Sue Sparks into the membership of the church on promise of a letter from County Line Baptist Church of Dayton.

July 13th Vacation Bible School  


August 30, 2009  to increase the Cedarville fund by $1,000 to reimburse the Cedarville Student, for gas and food, coming on  to help with AWANA’S every Wednesday night.

AWANA’S will be Wednesday from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.  Cubbies ages 3 and 4 thru high school will attend.  Brenda Bell will be the leader.    We need to give the student at least $40.00 per week for gas and food.

September 26 – All Church Bonfire & Weenie Roast at Ronda and Phil Clark’s home.

October 24th -   All church hayride & Weenie Roast at Baumbaugh’s Fruit Farm.

November 20th – Secret Sister Revealing and dinner.  Names were drawn again for next year.

December 6th -  Evangelist David Morris from North Carolina will be with us.

December 12th Elizabeth Davidson and Andy Stephan were married at the church Pastor Winner officiating.

December 18th – All ladies Christmas Party at Glenda Thomas’.

December 20th – Church Christmas Program.”What Is The Real Meaning of Christmas”

December27th.   Glenda and Ron Thomas’ son Brian went home to be with the Lord recently    Brian was a church member and had grown up in Union Baptist church.   Also Rhonda Flint’s brother Jeff went home to be with the Lord about the same time.

January 10 -2010     Ernie Hooper was baptized and became a member of the church upon his profession of faith and baptism.  We welcomed him. 

January 16th -   “State of Union Dinner” and fellowship.  Pastor and Amy provided the dinner.

 January 24th   The Arnett family along with the church celebrated the 75 birthday of Charles Arnett. With a dinner celebration today.

February 20th    Lazer quest was held for the youth.

March 21st Missionary Conference.  Missionaries Jennifer Thigpen,who is going to the Czech Republic and  Cliff & Adison Reynolds family –going to England were with us today.

May 2nd    Band of Brother’s (Men’s fellowship of the church)  meet each month at Frisch Resturant first  Saturday of each  month at 8:00AM for breakfast and a bible lesson.

  May 14th – Friday Night at the Movies was :”Fireproof”

May 22nd -    The youth of the church went on a bike outing..

June 26 -  VBS Banquet held at the Church.

June 21st    GARBC  Conference in Schaumburg, Illinois

July 9th – Trip to Kings Island.

July 17th – Concert with Avalon at Island Metropark

July 19th  -  VBS -  “The Egypt File – Decoding the Mystery of Life”.  Bible Stories,, Craft Market, Snack Oasis, Puppets, Genesis Museum Store, Songs and Games were enjoyed by all.

July 23rd     Bro. Ron Thomas underwent open heart surgery.  He is recuperating

July 25th – Youth Meeting.  Youth Meets upstairs at the church every other Sunday at 5:00PM.

With their leader Bro. Ivan Davidson. 

August 21st.    2nd Annual Union Invitation Miniature Golf Outing

September 12 – Janice and J.R. Huber  were baptized today and became church members.

September 18th -   Bible Symposium “Why Should I Join the Church”  held at the chuch



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