First Three Pastors

Left to Right: Jerry Locher 1964-1971;
Monroe Duffy 1963-1964; Glen Edwards 1960-1963.
Locher is still in the pastorate up in Michigagn,
Duffy has died and Edwards is in a nursing home in Arizona.

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110 S Main

This was the second place of
meeting for Union Baptist Church. The first few meetings were in the town hall.

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Left to Right - Marty, Aleshi and Lala

Martize's (Marty) TESTIMONY
When I was first born, I wasn't immediately raised upin a Christian home.  That did't  start happing until the age of 5 when I was a dopted.  I attended the Christian Missionary Alliance in Zion, Illinois at a yioung age and one Sunday, the pastor there was preaching about the existence and consequences of heaven and hell and something about that just scared me.  I rushed forward to the altar and through prayer I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior right then and there.  I'm not saying after that day everything was a walk in the park because it wasn't.  I dealt with a lot of langer issues, steming from personal evvents, and yes, sometimes I even questioned myself actually being a child of God.  I had always asked myself if I'm a child of God why would I act this way. But through teachings, counseling, support from parents, pastors, and friends, I know what I am.  It never ceases to amaze me how unworthy I am of grace.  Sometimes, just thinking about the concept makes me even cry.

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 Edgar (Ed) Knox. On August 14 in the year of our Lord 2016,
I was baptised on the profession of my faith into Union Baptist
Church by pastor Bruce Winner.   I cannot explain the joy I had
that day with my family and friends there to hug and shake my
hand as I professed my faith in the Lord Jesus in the waters
of baptism and was welcomed into the fellowship of the church.

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