Sermons from to 1/1/2018 to 7/1/2018 .  The sermons are in mp3 format and should play on your player. 

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Date Preached

Hearing But Not Understanding Mark 4:21-25 Pastor Winner 1/7/2018
Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand Mark 4:26-34 Pastor Winner 1/14/2018
Fearful and Unfaithful Mark 4:35-41 Pastor Winner 1/21/2018
Go and Tell Thy Friends about the Great Things Mark 5:1-20 Pastor Winner 1/28/2018
Supernatural Mark 5:21-43 Pastor Winner 2/04/2018
Offended and dishonored Mark 6:1-6 Pastor Winner 2/18/2018
Becoming a Lifetime Missionary Mark 6:7-13 Pastor Winner 3/04/2018
The Good Shepherd and His sheep Mark 6:14-44 Pastor Winner 3/11/2018
The Work of the Messiah Mark 6:45-66 Pastor Winner 3/18/2018
Hosanna, Blessed is He that Cometh in the ... Matthew 21:1-11 Pastor Winner 3/25/2018
Jesus is Alive Maatthew 28:1-10 Pastor Winner 4/1/2018
Commandments of Men Mark 7:1-23 Pastor Winner 4/8/2018
Eating the Children's Crumbs Mark 7:24-37 Pastor Winner 4/15/2018
A Day in the Life of Jesus Mark 8:1-21 Pastor Winner 4/22/2018





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