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Date Preached

These Are The Generations Genesis 10 Pastor Winner August 6, 2017
Let us Build a Tower and Make a Name for ourselves Genesis 11 Pastor Winner August 13, 2017
Foundations (7 Truths from our God) Genesis 1-11 Pastor Winner August 20, 2017
The 144,000 are Saved Mark 1:1-11 Pastor Winner August 27, 2017
Jesus, our Image Bearer Mark 1:12- 20 Pastor Winner September 3, 2017
The One with Authority Mark 1:21- 28 Pastor Winner September 10, 2017
God's Grace Magnified and Illustrated in the Parable of the Prodigal Luke 15:11-32
Bro. Ron Thomas
Sept. 24, 2017 am
Christian Ethics

I Thessalonians 5:11-22

Nicholas Davidson Sept. 24, 2017 pm
Mission field report n/a Matt Brown & Family Oct. 01, 2017 pm
Marvelous Grace Psalm 51 Evangelist David Morris Oct. 8. 2017am
The exceeding sinfulness of sin Psalm 51 Evangelist David Morris Oct. 8. 2017pm
Whiter trhan snow, an Inside Job Psalm 51 Evangelist David Morris Oct. 9. 2017pm
Joy Unspeakable Psalm 51 Evangelist David Morris Oct. 10. 2017pm
To Worship, Work, and Witness Psalm 51 Evangelist David Morris Oct. 11. 2017pm
Not a Fan Mark 2:1- 12 Pastor Winner October 15, 2017

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