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Sovereign Grace Men's Fellowship . . . .         
Fellowship meets at Golden Corral on Millers Lane  @ Noon
September 26:  A review of Jonathan Edward’s unpublished treatise on the Trinity:  Pastor Chuck Hunt Notes

October 24:  The Church in Crisis:  The Church in the 21st Century.  Arthur Alexander Notes

November 28: Gospel Preaching Consistent With Article 25 Of The 1st London Baptist Confession Considered With The Common View Of Galatians 3:24 KJV And With The View Of Galatians 3:24 ESV: Speaker, Pastor Darrell Messer, Notes

December 19: "Does God sincerely offer salvation to the non-elect?"  Pastor Mark Piles Notes
January 23:  Supralapsarianism: an apology.  Speaker, Pastor Bruce Winner Notes Audio

February 27: Inherited Pollution and/or Inherited Guilt in relation to condemnation.  (Hebrews 7:9, 10) &  (Romans 5:12): Pastor Bud Brown   Audio

March 27: Does God Approval of Lying In Some Cases?  Pastor Dennis Petry

April 24: A Consideration of the Cultural Mindset that Leads to the Rise in   Anti-Christian Sentiment!  Bruce Thomson

May 22:  Acts 15, Baptist policy, Special Counsel, General Flynn: Charles Arnett

   May is Tentative: Dependent on Special Counsel still being in the news
   Also if the schedule requires adjustment that moves a schedule speaker to May.


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